Meet my inner geek. 


I am a technophile.  I am not a computer programmer or a hardware technician, but I do love the opportunities that technology has for advancing our knowledge and connecting people together.  My Twitter feed occasionally has personal notes, but more often than not, it has links to medical/scientific items I have found significant.


 The purpose of education is not simply to learn facts, but to acquire a relish for knowledge.  Give medical students good methods, and a proper point of view, and all other things may be added as experience grows.

--Sir William Osler

"Pluritas non est ponenda sine necessitate."
"Plurality should not be posited without necessity."

--William of Ockham  (Occam's Razor)

Disease is a four-dimensional story, which follows the biologic imperatives of its particular pathophysiology in specific anatomic sites as influenced by the unique characteristics of this patient. Your task is not verbal, but cinematic; construct a pathophysiologic and anatomic movie of the onset and progression of the illness: the words are generated from the images, not the images from the words.


 You see, but you do not observe.

--Sherlock Holmes

Random Heroes and Muses

Buckminster Fuller

Sir William Osler, MD

Richard DeGowin, MD