New words on intangible pages...

What can one say on a website that hasn't been said?  You all know what a website is for.  Vanity of vanities, all is vanity.
...But there is hope.  Perhaps one day this site will pull at the shards and strands of prose and verse and bring some of them together, the lost, forgotten, and imagined filaments that they are, so that they may glow in the vacuum.  That is the hope of anyone who ever puts a serious pen to paper.


January 2012: I recently started a blog.  The Jolly Roger Project.  I think of a blog as a continuous draft that the world will never let you never forget.  This one will range widely among my interests, but a portion of it will wrangle with issues of intellectual property and freedom of speech and the press in the modern world.

There's a lot of The Pitch Black Ribbons news too.  We played a lot of shows in 2011.  60 or so.  We're aiming to play more than that in 2012.  If you don't feel like clicking over to the site just yet you can check out the calendar and listen below...  

In 2011 We also started a band blog...

Pitch Black Ribbons is on facebook too:
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I used to be in another band called PHLUX.  Sometimes I still go back and listen to it.  You can too:

I started a couple Facebook pages.  They may have a little more info when I get done:

Oh, and . . .  an oldskool note on preferences.  I know it bugs some surfers, but I like it when links to other sites spawn a new window.  All the links like that on this page will, so keep it in mind.  There's no trickery involved ... other than the standard webby-style magic.