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Grant Recipients


The Clinton Education Foundation is pleased to announce the recipients of student grants:



Landry Carroll - YMCA Summer camp ( Hip-hop Dance, Adventure Week)

Madison Garbinski - CT Elite Field Hockey Camp

Jacob Gerte - Tuition, Emergency Room Nurse

Jenna Scanlon - Summer Camp for Children with Diabetes


Jonathan Chan - National Student Leadership Conference in Engineering

Jillian Accetta - Purchase Trumpet and Music Lessons

Lindsay Harden - Academy of Dance

Miles Waterbury - Dance World Event to Disney World

Krystal Broughton - Cheerleading Camp


Carlie Scanlon – SummerSing camp

Andrew Tessman – money towards purchase of a trumpet

Shannon Blencowe – art program

Christopher Jump – commuting expenses for college


Amanda Lucas – summer cheerleading camp

Gianna Folz – travel with the United Girls Choir and voice lessons

Rachel Ford - voice and instrument lessons

Katelyn Maurais – money towards cost of participating in the Junior Miss Dance America

Katie Elliot – community service summer program

Mark Foster –


Scott Massaro – Soundview YMCA Teen Explorers Camp

Nicholas Story – money towards the purchase of an alto saxophone

Cedar Hittle – Carnegie Mellon Art Museum Summer Camp for Art and Architecture

Amber Vuilleumier – art lessons and supplies

Logan Irmscher – weeklong canoeing program on the Connecticut River



Lucas Edwards - Tuition, Berklee College of Music
Kendra Hixon - Tuition, Multilingual Occupational Therapist
PaulMichael Mullally - National Student Leadership Conference Mastering Leadership
Mitch Neddermann - Babson College Lead America for Business and Engineering Program

Christine Adams - City Year in Los Angeles
Sarah Stearns - College Tuition
Emily Cuseo - National Student Leadership Conference in Forensic Science
Miranda Richard - Leadership for Social Change Forum at Brown University






Joanne Nunan - Knife Sets for Culinary Classes

Rina McGinley - iPad 3 for World Language Classes

Melissa McIntyre - Community Garden

Leslie Chausse - Google Chromebooks for Journalism Classes


John Dombi/Derek Karcich - Apple iPad Touch Package (to incorporate music and video into the Healthy and Balanced Living Curriculum)

Michele Jones - Sound Equipment (to incorporate dance fitness into the Eliot Middle School PE curriculum)


Andrea Lehberger and Lesley Young – 5 handheld flip cameras for world language program at Eliot

John Dombi and Derek Karcich – Trek Carving vehicles at Joel

Laurie DelGrego and Joanne Cozzolino – purchase of a library for Literature Circles at Morgan

Ross Tucker – Jared Eliot Band Room cd player, receiver, and speakers


Joanne Cozzolino and Leslie Chausse – Amnesty International: Planning an Agenda to Educate and Engage The Morgan School Community

Dawn Paradise – Healthy Choices Day at Eliot: 2010 multi-media presentation

Kate Madura and Lisa Roman – Poetry Collaboration for Grades 2 and 5

Derek Karcich and John Dombi – Getting On a Roll in Education – purchase of helmets and protective equipment for use with Trikke Carving vehicles at Joel


Kalli Schutz – Juggling and Manipulation in Physical Education at Morgan

Regina Wohlke and Chris Comiskey – The Giving Garden at Joel


John Madura – Enhanced 2D/3D Representation Using Mathematica 6.0 Software at Morgan

Nancy McAllister and Gail Gosselin – The Art of Folksongs at Joel

John Dombi and Derek Karcich – Indian Bridge at Joel


We're always looking for ways to bring people together for a great cause.



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