Clinton Engine Model 707-ABR6

The featured engine here is a 1947 Clinton model 707-ABR6 four cycle gasoline engine.
This Clinton model 707- ABR6 was cast on 2-13-1947.
Has the arrowhead ID tag S/N 128063. Features a rare Zenith up-draft carburetor and 6:1 gear reduction unit. 2" bore x 1 7/8" stroke, 5.89 cu. in. Rated 1.50 hp at 3200 rpm. This engine has had machine work that includes ported intake & exhaust passages, cylinder bored to 2.010" over, valves and seats refaced, tappet clearances set, cylinder head rope pulley starter, shroud, and gas tank have been sand blasted. Engine has been painted Rustoleum Hammered Metallic Green. The aluminum and pot metal parts have been left as bare metal. Parts replaced include the NOS 3803 gear reduction crankshaft, a 3021-A .010” piston assembly, a NOS 3022-B connecting rod, a 3067-A governor assembly (including linkage), NOS crankcase, cylinder head, and gear reduction gaskets. Parts provided from spare 700A parts engines include good camshaft, axle, tappets, crankcase base P/N 3538 with the oil pump, and rope pulley starter. 
Parts provided from spare 774AT engine include Zenith updraft carburetor assembly P/N 3900. Parts provided from spare 1200 engine include 6:1 gear reduction unit. Also replaced were Federal Mogul crankshaft oil seals P/N 7840S.

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