Your Search for the Ideal Family Practitioner ends with CLINT CORNELL PA-C

You only live once, so live it well and live it to the zenith with Clint Cornell PA-C at ‘Peak Performance Medical’. ‘Peak Performance Medical’ is a relatively new concept in medicine. Besides direct primary medical care, it also offers its members the benefits of integrative medical therapies. Clint Cornell PA-C is a renowned name in this field of direct medical care.

To learn more of Clint Cornell and this new concept, continue reading.

How does Direct Primary Care work and what are the commercial implications?

Direct Primary Care is personalized medical care for you and your family. Each of the Direct Primary Care  under ‘Peak Performance Medical’ is assigned no more than 600 patients vis-à-vis the 4000 patients a normally sees. With lower numbers, attention to detail and a close personal relationship is our focus. Clint Cornell in Cincinnati has time on his hands to analyze not just your illness but also thoroughly understand your history, acquired and genetic.

‘Peak Performance Medical’ does not accept insurance. However, let that not be a cause for concern. Their medical packages are commercially competitive and economically designed for the family. Your membership at Peak Performance Medical with Clint Cornell PA-C is your insurance for good health. You can receive unlimited access to your provider, routine procedures, injections and in-house medical tests at no extra charge. Further, your membership with ‘Peak Performance Medical’ entails you to discounted rates for MRIs, laboratory tests, and prescription medicine, where you pay 20-50 % less than the market rates.

Membership rates are simple and straightforward:

  • Single adult between ages of 30 to 62 – membership costs $ 55.00 / month
  • Young adult 18-30 - $35.00/month
  • Family of two adults and one child - $ 110.00 / month
  • Additional dependent children - $ 10.00 / month
  • Adults over 63 - $ 100 / month

Additional therapeutic treatment offered

Over and above the benefits of personalized service and discounted rates, Clint Cornell Cincinnati has much more to offer you. Enhanced quality of life which comes packaged in ‘Peak Performance Plus’ value add-on packages. These benefits can be availed by members at special discounted prices. Some of the therapies and treatments are listed below:

Testosterone Replacement Therapy –

Clint Cornell PA-C is proactive in his approach to identifying hormone imbalance which can lead to a lower quality of life and increased risk for disease. It is not just low testosterone problems that are examined; related functions of hormonal dysfunction, fatigue and deficits are also studied before testosterone replacement therapy is administered.

Class IV Laser Therapy

This is, in fact, therapeutic laser treatment and can heal injuries within the short span of 1-2 weeks. Clint Cornell PA-C ensures that the savings here is not merely financial but also on the amount of time lost due to pain and injury, on which you cannot put a price.

Platelet Rich Plasma

This treatment not only remedies injuries but also stalls and reverses the effects of aging. Among the list of rich and famous, who have undergone this treatment is Tiger Woods.

Clint Cornell PA-C – about the man

Clint Cornell PA-C brings all of the above services and even more to his consulting room through ‘Peak Performance Medical’. This innovative therapeutic concept combined with the charisma that he exudes is nothing short of personalized concierge medical care. Endowed with a humanitarian sense, he comes across as a natural therapeutic. Professional and attentive, empathetic and respectful are the words best used to describe this renowned professional.