Welcome to José Climent's site
 Dr José Climent is currently a staff scientist and head of the department of
Forest Ecology and Genetics at the Forest Research Centre (CIFOR) of INIA in Madrid (Spain)
Current research lines
  • Evolution of life history strategies in forest trees, with especial emphasis on pines.
  • Phenotypic plasticity and phenotypic integration in Mediterranean pines and its application for tree breeding and genetic conservation.
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FP7-284181/TREES4FUTURE Designing trees for the future (2011-2015). http://www.trees4future.eu/

AGL 2012-40151-C03-02/FENOPIN Reproductive strategies: adaptive relevance in relationship to alternative life history traits in Iberian pines (2013-2015).

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Selected paper
s (totalling 39 SCI papers, h index 15)

Santos-del-Blanco L, Bonser SP, Valladares F, Chambel MR, Climent JM. (2013). Plasticity in reproduction and growth among 52 range-wide populations of a Mediterranean conifer: adaptive responses to environmental stress. Journal of Evolutionary Biology. doi:10.1111/jeb.12187

Grivet D, Climent J, Zabal-Aguirre M, Neale DB, Vendramin GG, González-Martínez SC. (2013) Adaptive evolution of Mediterranean pines. Molecular Phylogenetics & Evolution 68(3): 555-566

Santos-del-Blanco L, Climent J, González-Martínez SC, Pannell J (2012). Genetic differentiation for size at first reproduction through male versus female functions in the widespread Mediterranean tree Pinus pinaster. Annals of Botany 7: 1449-1460.

Climent J, Chambel MR, Pardos M, Lario F, & Villar-Salvador P (2011). Biomass allocation and foliage heteroblasty in hard pine species respond differentially to reduction in rooting volume. European Journal of Forest Research 130(5): 841–850.

Poorter H, Bühler J, Van Dusschoten D, Climent J, Postma JA (2012). Pot size matters: a meta-analysis of the effects of rooting volume on plant growth. Functional Plan Biology 39: 839–850

Climent J, San-Martín R, Chambel MR, Mutke S (2011) Ontogenetic differentiation between Mediterranean and Eurasian pines (sect. Pinus) at the seedling stage. Trees-Struc.Func. 25: 175-186

Santos-del-Blanco L, Notivol E, Zas R, Chambel MR, Majada J, Climent J (2010) Variation of early reproductive allocation in multi-site genetic trials of Maritime pine and Aleppo pine. Forest Systems.19(3): 381-392

Climent J, Costa e Silva F, Chambel MR, Pardos M, Almeida H (2009) Freezing injury in primary and secondary needles of Mediterranean pine species of contrasting ecological niches. Annals of Forest Science 66: 407-415

Pardos M, Calama R, Climent J (2009) Difference in cuticular transpiration and sclerophylly in juvenile and adult pine needles relates to the species-specific rates of development. Trees - Struc. Func. 23: 501-508

Climent J, Prada MA, Calama R, Sánchez de Ron D, Chambel MR, Alía R (2008) To grow or to seed: ecotypic variation in reproductive allocation and cone production by young female Aleppo pine (Pinus halepensis, Pinaceae). American Journal of Botany 94 1316–1320

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Tapias R, Climent J, Pardos JA, Gil L (2004) Life histories of Mediterranean pines. Plant Ecology 171: 53-68

Next papers

Clonal variation for ontogenetic heteroblasty in Maritime pine. Climent J, Dantas AK, Alia R, Majada J. Trees-Structure and Function (in press, DOI 10.1007/s00468-013-0901-1)

Correlated effects on life-history traits derived from domestication in a forest tree. Santos del Blanco L, Alía R, Sampedro L, Lario F, González-Martínez SC, Climent J. under review in PNAS

Population differentiation for life history traits in Aleppo pine (Pinus halepensis Mill.) Climent J, Lafuente D, Vázquez A, Chambel R, Santos-del-Blanco L (in prep)