Welcome to Climate vs. Energy!

This site is dedicated to increasing understanding of ways to generate energy and how those ways effect the Earth's climate.  Each section includes information about how the method works and the costs and benefits of each method in terms of climate and environment.  The monetary costs are not lis
ted because they vary widely from project to project.  In addition to the information in this site, there are links to other trusted and credible websites if you would like to learn more.  If there is any information that is not listed, if you think information listed is incorrect, or if you just want to comment on the site please comment in the forum.

After reading through the information on this site, you may wonder "How does all this fit together, these costs and benefits of energy generation, how are they related to climate?"

Energy and climate are related because each has an effe
ct on the other.  Climate effects the placement of power plants and the fuels used within power plants, as well as the demand for electricity the plants must keep up with.  If it is very warm, more people will use air conditioners and other cooling devices, which increases the amount of energy used.  Alternatively, if it is very cold, more people will turn on their heaters which also increases the amount of energy used.  Energy generation effects climate because greenhouse gasses such as natural gas (methane) and carbon dioxide are emitted into the atmosphere where they prevent heat from escaping the atmosphere.  There are other effects to the environment such as water pollution and misuse of land that indirectly effect climate.  Many of the negative effects of power generation can be easily changed to be not only less polluting, but more efficient and cost effective.