Extreme Weather Module - Spring 2014

The goals of this module are to:

  • Learn about the intersections of climate science and extreme weather,
  • Understand how changes in climate are influencing changes in weather frequency and intensity,
  • Build and test useful curricula about climate influences on extreme weather for your classroom that addresses student needs,
  • Address alternative conceptions about climate influences on extreme weather using high quality resources, and
  • Foster a professional learning community around climate education.  

Links will be added to the events listed below as they become available, including details on how to access the webinars.

 Part 1: Attribution of Extreme Weather Events (speakers: Drs Stephanie Herring and Martin Hoerling of NOAA)
 Part 2: Mitigation and Resiliency to Climate Change (Dr. Patricia Romero-Lankao and Dr. Kevin Trenberth of NCAR)
 Educational Activity Development Project Description - For credit participants only, Due April 30, 2014