CLIMATE: The Times they are a-changin

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Weather happens this afternoon or tomorrow or next week.  Atmospheric Climate is the long term average of weather but climate involves much more: Oceanography, geology, Geography, even astronomy. Weather is driven by temperature and moisture differences between one place and another.  Climate is created by the transfer of the sun’s energy from equator to pole. These processes are the same. Why?  How? This course will explore the basic science of climate, focusing on both the global picture and on the Gulf of Maine in particular. The course is science focused, not ethics focused nor issue focused but there is an optional last week for participant led discussions of these issues. 


week 1: introduction; it all comes from the sun, common greenhouse gases

week 2: carbon, friends of greenhouse gases and global warming

week 3: Coriolis EFFECT, weather and storms

week 4: climate cycles; ocean currents and ocean warming

week 5: the deeps, sea level rise

week 6: the past and the poles

week 7: Gulf of Maine;  stresses to our world