This site is where I organise my thoughts on the campaign formally known as Global Warming.

I'm an Engineer and have moved from considering Global Warming to be a key issue to becoming very concerned about the abuse of science by a political project.

My views are heretical as far as the current media consensus is concerned ( at least the media that's allowed to broadcast in the UK ).

But I could be wrong about this, and I thought I'd create a site that would act as my record of considering this issue.

I'm not quite sure how this will develop, so I'm not going to make any grand promises here. The wonder of the internet is that some projects flourish, and other just wither. That's all fine as long as many are started. And this is one such seed.

I am also a many political, blogger and can for the moment be contacted through my blog Man in a Shed. I'll work on some mechanism for feedback a bit latter on when I've outline a structure for all this.

This site is very much an idea under development - it is in no ways presented as complete or authoritative, but rather presents my attempts to get to grips with this issue.

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