Climate Reality Rogue Valley

What: Free Climate Reality Project Evening - International Event for all ages.
When:  Wed Sept 14th, 5pm-8pm
Where:  Historic Ashland Armory, 208 Oak St, Ashland, Oregon
Sponsored by:  Ashland Conservation Commission
Contact:  Jim McGinnis 541-488-5938 or
Event Description:
The Ashland Conservation Commission is hosting  a Free Climate Reality Project evening on Wed Sept 14th, 5pm-8pm at the Great Hall in the Historic Ashland Armory, 208 Oak St, Ashland, Oregon.  There will be something for all ages.
For adults and older students, the evening will consist of live web-based Climate Reality presentations from Boulder Co and Victoria BC.  We will present information on local Rogue Valley Climate Change predictions, and bring in speakers from key businesses in Ashland to talk about their sustainability practices.  We will prominently display the adopted 2011-2012 Ashland City Council goals, and highlight those that pertain to sustainability.  The city of Ashland will display energy and water conservation program incentives and rebates.  During the evening, we will have an opportunity to pause and reflect on the implications of climate change in the Rogue Valley, and discuss what we can do locally to help mitigate and adapt to climate change impacts... all with the goal of building local, Rogue Valley and bioregional environmental, social and economic resilience.
For youth, we will have a hands-on "Hydrologic Cycle" learning experience, and for students Science Works will provide hands on science activities.  
Free finger food and beverages will be available to all, and there will be a raffle for free prizes.  
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More about what is in store on  here in Ashland Sept 14th.
  • Climate change and presentations ((live from Boulder CO - 6pm, and Victoria Canada -7pm).  More info about the Climate Reality Project:  BTW:  The Climate Realty Project is the group where Al Gore and Climate Scientists trained 1,000 of us to spread the word about climate change.  I have done well over 100 presentations since that time.
  • Presentations on the anticipated effects of climate change here in the Rogue Valley and surrounding area.
  • Discussion on conversation and reflection on how together we can make a difference.  
  • Science Works will provide hands on science activities, and there will be a hydrologic cycle for tots.
  • City of Ashland conservation incentives displayed as well as the City Council 2012-2013 goals which contain many sustainability components.
  • Finger food and beverages donated by several local businesses.
  • Free raffle prizes provided by several local businesses.
Collectively, as citizens, it is our goal to become more informed about climate change and to feel empowered to become more active in building environmental, social and economic resiliency.