The Learning Centre

We have collected all of the information you need to understand carbon reduction and how we support community actions. Feel free to use any of the materials you find here. There is no need to cite us. This Learning Centre is a free public resource.

We also offer free public talks on these topics to cities, schools, businesses and citizens groups. Our past talks on community carbon reduction have been to audiences in the US, UK, Japan, UAE, Austria and China. Contact Us and let us know when and where and what you would like the talk to focus on.

Current topics in the Learning Centre

Sustainability: Learn how and why we put carbon reduction projects under the umbrella of sustainable development

Risk: Learn how CCR views risks from climate change, and how those risks can be reduced most effectively

Targets: Learn about local, national and global targets for carbon emissions

Business Case: Learn how projects of carbon reduction are justified economically, and why businesses support them

Decarbonisation: Learn how the global community is creating a low carbon economy and energy system

Collective Action: Learn how a community can be mobilised to improve the effectiveness of carbon reduction efforts

Financing Decarbonisation: Learn how the finance sector is supporting carbon reduction projects globally

The Consumer: Learn how consumers influence carbon emissions, and how their behaviour might be changed