The Climate Change Risk Mitigation (CCRM) program is a set of three related areas of project support helping communities of actors reduce the environmental, health and economic risks of climate change. It is administered by Cambridge Science and Policy Consulting as a free social enterprise, with projects throughout the world. The focus of project support is at the community level, although this is enhanced by policy advising at the state, national and international levels to create programs that enable local action. 

While CCRM has rigorous academic analysis behind the community projects it supports, the focus remains on moving those projects forward so climate change risks are reduced in the most effective, equitable and cost efficient manner. CCRM does not deliver projects directly - we support communities in their delivery. To paraphrase an old BASF tagline: 

At CCRM, we don't perform your projects, we make the projects you perform better. 

Our newest project

To support residents in reducing carbon emissions through energy retrofits of their homes, CCRM has created a mini-site based on our past experience helping to create and manage the Cambridge Retrofit programme. To learn about this newest effort, visit:

Our assistance is free so long as you have a viable community project that will make a significant contribution to reducing climate change risks. Our areas of project support are:
  • Community Retrofit, reducing carbon emissions by mobilizing community action to improve the energy efficiency of buildings
  • Global Decarbonisation, spurring development of low carbon energy sources to replace fossil fuels in the energy supplied to communities
  • Adaptation Capacity, helping communities identify and carry out changes to make their health, properties, infrastructure and economies more resilient to climate change
Use the horizontal navigation links above to explore these areas of project support. Then
join any of the specific projects described or seek our help in developing new ones. 

Would you like to learn more about the science and policy of climate change, or at least the views of CCRM on the issues? The following You Tube video was produced by the Vatican in preparation for the Pope's 2015 encyclical on the responsibility to reduce the risks of climate change. It is a global call to action, complementing the efforts of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and of governments, businesses, communities and individuals world-wide. Just turn your speakers on and click the arrow to begin the video.

Climate Science and Policy