Go for the gold

This website is divided into three sections:
  • Pages with a blue bar at top help you understand carbon reduction in San Diego
  • Pages with a black bar at top help you understand carbon reduction in Cambridge
  • Pages with a gold bar at top walk you along the path of carbon reduction in San Diego or Cambridge
Ready for action? Go for the gold.
The Community Carbon Reduction (CCR) project is a social enterprise provided by Cambridge Science and Policy Consulting. It provides free expert support to communities in reducing carbon emissions. Our focus is on communities, meaning cities, neighborhoods and individual residential or business complexes, as these are the scales of action where individuals - working together - can have the greatest impact.

The action templates and tools you will find here use the examples of San Diego, California in the US and Cambridge in the UK, as these are the two cities in which we live and the two cities on which our projects Currently focus. But the general approach to carbon reduction can be applied in communities anywhere in the world with a commitment to reducing the risks of climate change.


You can visit our activities either through the following hotlinks or using the horizontal navigation bar.

The Learning Centre
Project California
Project San Diego
Project Vantage Pointe
Project You
Project Retrofit


This video was produced by the Vatican for the Pope's 2015 encyclical on the responsibility to reduce the risks of climate change, featuring the leader of the CCR. It is a global call to action for governments, businesses, communities and individuals world-wide. Just turn your speakers on and click the arrow to begin the video.

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