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Sign The Climate Emergency Declaration Petition Here or more Here
Join the Petition Storm to the new Federal Government, to insist that:
* We face a climate emergency
* We call on our political leaders to declare a climate emergency
* We need the government to follow through with the necessary resources and action to fully address the crisis at emergency speed
Call on ABC and SBS to break the silence on the climate emergency
Politicians tell us they can't take climate emergency action to protect us all from climate impacts until the public demands it.
Yet large sections of the public are lulled into thinking it can't be all that bad since neither politicians nor the media are reporting on climate impacts or discussing solutions.
Our public broadcasters, ABC and SBS, might be the only bodies that is sufficiently trusted and powerful to break this impasse by reporting honestly and regularly about climate impacts
Sign the petition here:
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Watch this space for more climate actions to come . . . .


Recent Events:

Sustainable Living Festival:  "The Future Could Be Awesome" 

Princes Wharf No1
12 & 13th November 2016


About us:
Climate Action Hobart is a volunteer, grassroots climate action group formed to promote community involvement in achieving strong climate policy and action in Tasmania.

We meet on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of every month from 5.30 pm at Sustainable Living Tasmania, 1st floor, 71 Murray St, Hobart.

Everyone is welcome - if you are concerned about the threat of climate change and you want to make a difference, just turn up!


Climate Action Hobart in Action!