This is a webpage for teachers in bilingual schools. You will find some existing materials for your lessons here.

Esta es una página creada para profesores de centros bilingües. Aquí encontrarás materiales para tus clases o recursos para elaborar tus materiales.

Area resources / Recursos por áreas:

- History and Geography

- Science

- Maths

- Music

- Physical Education

- Technology

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Classroom language /Lenguaje del aula:

General resources / Webs con compilaciones de recursos:


 Foros, blogs y puntos de encuentro de profesores bilingües

CLIL Science - More resource websites (from

Simple games and word puzzles
For social science topics, such as history
Lots of interactive online activities
Information and links to online activities
Educational resources for space and astronomy
Resources for science and environmental education
from the Franklin Institute.
Ideas and resources for teaching children about
energy and responsible consumption with lots
A variety of lesson plans for science classes, with
lots of different topics and activity types.

Basic vocabulary worksheets for CLIL

Here are some simple examples of basic vocabulary worksheets for CLIL.
They're easy to make, with just a simple Word document template
and some free educational clipart from the Internet.
Vocabulary worksheets / Fichas de vocabulario
Physical Education: Sports Mania
Health Science: Fruits and Vegetables
Physical Geography: Landforms
Visual Arts: Art Supplies NEW
Natural Science: Vertebrate animals NEW
The images can be used for labelling and a variety of question/answer
activities, both oral and written. Then the items can be classified into
different categories for further questioning or pair/group-work games.
The worksheets also lend themselves to any number of classic games,
such as Bingo, Memory, Battleships (Barquitos) and What's what?
Afterwards, you can ask students to cut up the worksheets and use
individual images to make their own mini-flashcards by pasting them
onto cards, or they can paste them into their notebooks, regrouping the
pictures to make a picture dictionary.