Outline and Mindmap of this E-book

Subject: Natural Science                                               Teacher: Aser Santos

Title of the eBook: Animals, animals, animals...            Course / Level: 3rd Grade

1. Learning outcomes / Evaluation criteria

  • To be able to investigate and find information about animals.

  • To learn how to respect animals.

  • To be able to manage their own learning time.

2. Subject Content

  • Different kinds of animals.

3. Language Content / Communication


  • Mammals, reptiles, amphibians, insects, birds and fish.

  • Vocabulary related to animal characteristics.


Functions such as:

  • Comparing and contrasting.

  • Hypothesizing

  • Asking questions.

  • Defining.

  • Agreeing and disagreeing.

  • Giving examples.

Discourse type

  • Exposition.

  • Description.

  • Comparison.

Language skills

  • Listening.

  • Speaking.

  • Reading.

  • Writing.

4. Contextual (cultural) elements

  • Respecting animals and other living things.

  • Becoming responsible citizens.

  • Respecting other people´s opinions.

5. Cognitive (thinking) processes

  • Developing HOTs and LOTs.

  • Fostering creative thinking and the usage of academic language.

  • Developing BICS and CALP.

6. (a) Task(s)

  • To watch videos and animations about animals.

  • To think critically about the effect that humans have on the different habitats.

6. (b) Activities

  • Investigating.

  • Brainstorming.

7. Methodology

Organization and class distribution / timing

  • Cooperative learning through group work.

  • Peer to peer evaluation.

  • Self evaluation.

  • Throughout 7 sessions.

Resources / Materials

  • Internet connection.

  • Computer.

  • List of resources on listly.ly

Key Competencies

  • Linguistics competence.

  • Digital competence.

  • Social and civic competences.

  • Initiative  and entrepreneurship competences.

8. Evaluation (criteria and instruments)

  • Online presentations  (To be able to investigate and find information about animals).

  • Online self assessment. Test. (To be able to manage their own learning time).

  • Creating a project and brainstorming with other students (To be able to investigate and find information about animals).