Welcome to our CLIL4U Main Course!

This course is designed to help CLIL teachers learn about the CLIL approach to teaching.

During this course you will be asked to:

  1. Discover an aspect of teaching through CLIL.

  2. Download a Learning Diary where you will be asked to perform certain tasks and keep an electronic record of them - your e-portfolio.

  3. Build up a framework of the components of a CLIL lesson in a Pre-Assignment Planning e-Record (PAPeR), before attending the face-to-face course on CLIL.

  4. Reflect upon what you have learnt, to be able to discuss your experiences with other teachers on the CLIL4U course.

Click here to read instructions on what you will need to download to follow the course.

Enjoy the experience!

Sandra Attard-Montalto, Lindsay Walter and Douglas Matheson (Executive Training Institute - ETI Malta)

on behalf of

The CLIL4U Team