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Pastor Daniel Shipton

Pastor Dan has been serving our church since 2006.  A graduate of Indiana Wesleyan University, and taking courses at Asbury Serminary online, he strives to bring the love of Christ into his ministry to others.  He believes we should be reaching our world to help other grow closer to Christ, and in their relationships with others.

Pastor's weekly Note
This past week our church voted by majority to ask me to stay on for four more years here.  Becky and I are looking forward to continuing our ministry with you in this time.  As I shared Sunday, if we keep our relationship with God at the center, and build strong relationships with one another I see the Clifton Wesleyan church growing spiritually and in number long into the future.

Building Fellowship

posted Jul 19, 2011, 5:28 PM by Clifton Wesleyan Church D.G.Shipton

We are in process, in our Thursday Bible Study, and Sunday Worship, of clarifying the Biblical meaning and model of Fellowship.  It is evident in our world today that the church has lost focus of what it means to have genuine fellowship in relationship with one another.  Make sure to come out this Sunday to help in your own understanding and growth of the importance of fellowship in our church.  Also, we will have a short explanation of the "Fellowship Dinner Groups" which will be starting by this fall.

Wow, Another New Year for the Church

posted May 25, 2011, 9:16 AM by Clifton Wesleyan Church D.G.Shipton

We have had a lot happen in 2010-2011.  There has been some great spiritual growth in the lives of several within the church.  We are looking forward to the coming year.  As we come into the busy season, may we not forget to come together to bless one another, and carry the work of the Gospel into our world.

Ways you can help:
  • Vacation Bible School (June 20-26)
  • Pasta Dinner Fundraiser (July 9th 4-8 pm: during Clifton Days)
    • All donations will go to missions and outreach
  • We can use others to help in our worship services (If interested in helping with any of these, please call Pastor Dan, or Vern today)
    • Bulletins
    • Singing
    • Sharing testimony's
    • Sharing specials

A New Church Year Has Started

posted May 18, 2010, 8:45 AM by Clifton Wesleyan Church D.G.Shipton

I praise the Lord for all the wonderful things that happened over the past 2009-2010 church year.  The church has been blessed in so many ways. I thank our teachers, various volunteers, and church leaders for standing along side of me in helping us to see some good areas of growth.  We are not in a perfect state, but our Sunday School, and Small groups have grown.  Our finances have jumped.

I am asking the church to pray for some specific things this year:
  • Salvation of New Souls
  • Baptism & commitment of several
  • Addition of 10 committed members to our church
  • New Teachers and Leaders to rise and be willing to be equipped to the task of carrying on the Kingdom work.
  • Financial growth to meet the needs, ministries, and help with more mission support and outreach
  • The ability to hire on a part-time Administrative assistant, to free more of my time for development of leaders, teachers, and encouraging ministries
  • To see more small groups started
  • To see several more children added to our childrens ministry
  • To see us looking to the future and breaking the 75 barrier in growth in the next two years.

In Christ's guidance and wisdom we can move forward.  In prayer we can access His power.  Join me in prayer this year, for God's blessing in our church.

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