Making the Curriculum POP!

Clif Mims

Workshop Description

During this workshop we will be focusing on the use of digital media and alternative text selections to engage students’ interest in “pop” culture.

Workshop Resources

Download Picture the Preamble template

Before We Begin

  1. It's not about the technology. It's about learning.
  2. It will be what you make it.

Getting Creative

  1. See the grid at Web 2.0 in the Classroom

Finding Media

  1. Video Search: VideoSurf
  2. Online Video: YouTube, Vimeo, TeacherTube, SchoolTube,
  3. TV: Hulu
  4. Movies: MovieClips, WingClips
  5. Highlights: Network Websites (News, Sports, Shows)
  6. Copyright Free Audio: Music Bakery,
  7. Online Audio: GrooveShark,,
  8. Images: Compfight, Flickr CC

Creating Media

  1. Cameras, Flip Cams, Webcams, Phones
  2. Recording devices
  3. Screenr
  4. And see table above

Also Recommended

  1. Making Curriculum Pop Ning
  2. Literary Terms Visualized
  3. The Newspaper Clipping Image Generator
  4. Big Huge Labs
  5. History Tunes


  1. Skype


  1. Wing Clips and MovieClip - Legally use clips from Hollywood movies.
  2. VideoSurf - Meta-Search Engine for online videos.

Quick Show and Tell

  1. - Shorten and share links
  2. Sweet Search -
  3. Quiet Tube -
  4. Big Huge Labs -
  5. Screenr - Create screencasts/video tutorials
  6. Cafe Press - Create an online store (Fundraising)