Designing and Developing
Inquiry-Based Learning Activities

Clif Mims

Workshop Description

During this interactive workshop participants will experience inquiry-based activities in a technology-rich learning environment from the learner’s perspective through small periods of role-playing.


  1. Before we begin, review these tips for Being an Effective Facilitator of Learning
  2. Watch the following video and consider whether you're preparing students to meet the demands of a new age.


Students should be responsible for their own learning. Students should be doing most of the work in the classroom and not the teacher. When students have questions and problems, students should find the answers and solutions.

The following are the slides used during this workshop.

Workshop Resources

Download the following resources for this workshop.

  1. Inquiry-Based Lesson Planning Form (blank)
  2. Inquiry-Based Lesson Planning Form (Example 1-Day Lesson)
  3. Inquiry-Based Lesson Planning Form (Example 3-Day Lesson)
  4. Inquiry-Based Lesson Planning Form (Example 2-Week Lesson)

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