Shhh!!! The Students Are Learning: Being an Effective Facilitator of Learning

Clif Mims

Workshop Description

We often hear that teachers need to be facilitators of learning rather than deliverers of information. Through this workshop, Clif Mims will help you begin developing strategies for managing a classroom in which students have a leading role in learning and the teacher becomes an engaged classroom coach. Strategies for designing and practical tips for implementing units will be shared.

Before You Begin

  • Please reflect on your experiences designing and implementing facilitated learning activities and units.
  • What worked well and what would you do differently next time?
  • What advice can you share with teachers preparing to facilitate learning?


This screencast will provide you with an overview of the big ideas of this workshop . We will dive much deeper during the workshop and explore application across grade levels and curricular areas, strategies for implementation, benefits and barriers, and more.

Additional Resources

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