Sounds Good to Me:
Learning and Digital Audio

Clif Mims

Workshop Description

Enable students to make their thinking visible through the use of digital audio. Learn how recorded tutorials and messages, storycasts, book trailers, audio chatting and commenting, teacher recorded feedback, and more can enable students to engage with course content inside and outside the classroom and better equip parents to help with homework. Several freely available websites and apps will be demonstrated. Strategies for designing lessons and practical tips for implementation will be shared. Connections to special education, foreign language, and ELL classrooms will also be made.

Workshop Resources

Extended Learning

  1. Designing and Developing Content for Online Instruction
  2. Audio and Video Tutorials Made Simple
  3. Copyright Law
  4. Creative Commons
  5. Copyright-Free/Royalty-Free Music
  6. Embedding Audio
  7. Screencasting
  8. Developing Tutorials