Welcome to Learning Telecollaboratively, a wiki of educational resources and an extension of clifmims.com. Technology has allowed education to become an open source community that allows professionals to share learning, research, and experiences. We can collaborate across boundaries of time and space with ease. We can also be creative in our sharing which enable us to better address different learning styles, preferences, audiences, and uses. I am a prodigious sharer and this is intended to be a collaborative space where you and I can share ideas, best practices, and resources that promote learning.

As a teacher educator my interest and professional mission is to provide teachers with experience in innovative approaches, methods, and strategies for their own personal and professional growth, which will allow them to create engaging learning environments for their students. My innovations for learning, of which technology is the linchpin, include expanding a teacher’s knowledge and practice in the following areas: teaching for understanding; making thinking visible; multiple representations of understanding; inquiry-based learning; assistive technologies; one-to-one assess. I also help teachers learn to effectively integrate Web 2.0 and mobile technologies to support learning and promote higher-order thinking and 21st century skills. I create knowledge and practice by having the teachers that I instruct experience the transformative power that technologies create in each of these areas.

I invite you to collaborate with us. "Together we learn more."

All the best,
Clif Mims

Clif Mims is a teacher, researcher, author, speaker and educational consultant specializing in the effective integration of technology with teaching and learning. Dr. Mims is an associate professor of Instructional Design and Technology at the University of Memphis, the founding executive director of the Martin Institute for Teaching Excellence, and a Project Zero Fellow at Harvard University.

"It's not about the technology. It's about learning."

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