How to save electricity - Lighting

A simple guide to saving money.

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Here are some simple ways to reduce your electric bill and save lots of money as quickly as possible. Most of these steps are fairly inexpensive and easy enough to do without having to hire a contractor.

Florescent Lighting

Florescent lighting uses about 1/4 of the power that traditional ( incadescent ) light bulbs use. Today small florescent bulbs that screw into a regular lamp can be purchased for a dollar or two each.

This is a clear win that will pay itself off in a very short period of time. For example, if you use a single 100 watt lightbulb for 10 hours per day and your electricity costs you 18 centrs per kwh ( kilowatt hour), it will cost you about $65 per year 0.18 dollars * 10 hours * 100 watts * 365 days. Replacing it with a 25 watt flourescent light will save you about $47 per year while providing the same amount of light. Don't forget, flourescent lights last about 7 times longer.

Flourescent lights do not give off the same frequencies of light that incadescent lights do. As a result, the lighting does not look as *warm*.. If this is an issue, then consider using flourescent lighting in areas that do not need *warm* light.

Turn off unused lights and appliances aggressively !

Children will leave lights and tv's on without thinking about it. This can be corrected by offering a small reward when you catch them turning the light off. You do not need to reward every time - just at random times. Rewards can me immaterial - such as a sticker or a thank you.

LED Lights

LED Lights are made from Light Emitting Diodes and consume far less power. These have recently been used in LED Flashlights that are powered by simply shaking them. I have found that these do not give off a lot of light, and the light that they do give off is very *cold* - or blue-ish. These do make good night-lights though.