How to Become Rich Buying and Selling Houses

An instructional guide to making money in real estate.


This is a simple guild to making money in real estate. You do not need tons of cash to start out, however the more you can start off with the better. I won't tell you that you can start out with nothing and get rich over night. Thats just nonsense. Yes, you can get insane mortgagues and loans to cover %100 or more of your investment,  however doing so decreases your profit and makes the investment more risky and thus more likely to fail. For these reasons, I stongly advise against over-leveraging.

Dont have any cash to start out with ?

Thats fine, in this tutorial I will assume that you have no cash to start out with. The first thing that will need to be done however is to free up some cash so that you have something to work with. Whether you wish to borrow, or save it up yourself is entirely up to you - either way works. The important thing is that you learn what works best for you.


1. How to free up enough cash to get started

 * Reduce household expenses.
 * Borrow startup money
 * Short term methods of saving money.
 * Small investments for short term gains
 * Pay off credit cards and loans first for guaranteed returns

2. How to get started with a Condo or townhouse
 * Where to find cheap Condos
 * Should I buy a fixer-upper or somethign ready to rent?
 * Higher priced Condos
 * Town Houses

3. How to move to a cheap house

* Low income areas - not necessarily slums
* Buy a cheap vacation home and rent it seasonally.
* Rental houses

4. Leveraging your real estate investments

* Use existing properties as collateral for new loans
* Tax Write-offs