Free Video Games

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MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game)

 This free game is one of my favorites. PlaneShift has been around for several years now. While its technically a beta its definitely playable. The 3d virtual world is pretty awesone, there are a variety of character types to choose from, there is rune based magic, weapons crafting, role playing, fighting, leveling, questing and more... This is a must see.

Board Games

 Yahoo has been a long time favorite for free multi-player board games such as checkers, poker and chess. These are free online games are will cost you nothing. Yahoo;s games sections also hase some good guides on how to play these games.

Yahoo Games

Poker Stars has the best FREE texas holdem and Omaha poker tables around. If your serious about learning to play poker and dont want to lose money try this out. I've played poker on both poker stars and yahoo and found good stong opponents on each site. What I like about poker stars is that the holdem tables play faster. the graphics are much better too - but I dont consider that to be very important for poker.

Poker Stars

3D First Shooters

Open Arena is an excellent 3d first person shooter. I've run this on linux without a problem - the game can be run on windows, linux and osx. When I last played the graphics were smooth and fast and the ai was pretty good. The game was pretty challenging. I definitely recomend it.