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 Where can I find a free 3D MMORPG for Linux and Windows ?

Frugal Gamers, Look no farther - Fix your eyes here for a moment and I'll tell you about an awesome game that includes multiple races, guild, and six ways of magic. Awesome landscapes to explore, crafting, questing, leveling and role playing at its best.

Planeshift is an awesome free online roleplaying game. Just go to and download the client for Linux or Windows. You can also compile the client yourself if desired. Once its installed, fire it up. You will be taken to a character creation process and then off to a 3d training realm. Once completed you will find your self in Yliakum in the town of Hydlaa. 

There are players on line 24/7 from various english speaking countries roaming about, questing, fighting, etc...  The community of players is like no other online community when it comes to roleplaying. There is also a web based forum at 

You will find that there are different types of players. For example, there are those that are foused almost entirely on roleplaying, and not so much on gaining experience points or developing their characters stats. There are those who focus more on powerleveling or building up stats, magical abilities, etc.. 

Planeshift has guilds - which any experienced player can start. Guilds are like private clubs or gangs. You join one that suits your character and then work with other guild members to accomplish your goals. There are guilds for every type of nut - Thieves, Role Players, Mages, fighters, etc... 

Set up a character and give it a spin today!