Central Air Conditioning

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For years I lived without AC and never thought twice about it. Yes, in the summertime is would get unbearably hot and the fan would not do much to cool the room - no less reduce the humidity. While it would only be unbearably hot for a few months out of the year, I eventually got tired of being uncomfortable in my own home.

 So one day I dent to the deli ( fat head's deli ) and say a white air conditioning van outside. I asked the service guy who was driving the van about what it would cost to install a system... As you would expect, he said he would have to look and see what i currently have. He said he time to look now ... so i took him up on it. 

 Bill took a  look at my furnace, ducts,  vents etc..   I told hime I really didnt want to spend much an a new hvac  system.  After looking thing over we went over options and prices... here's what we finally decided on:

 1.  He said he could build the air conditioning unit directly into my existing furnace. Condensation would drip in to a pan that carries it away from the furnace, and the existing duct work would be used to deliver cold air. 

2. He installed a new condenser on the side of my house behind a bush... The condesner was not as large as I had expected and it was actually rather quite. He had to drill a hole in the side of the house to carry the coolant out the condenser and then back into the house.  Pretty slick :) 

3. while he was able to use my existing thermostat control, I opted to go with a new one - I chose a digital thermostat.

 The installation went smoothly. Bill opened up the furnace, made some modifications to it, and installed the air conditioning unit directly above it.  He installed the plumbing, wired it up, and changed my thermostat.

 The new air conditioning system works like a charm !  I have not had any problems with it and by house has been cool and dry  :)  And the best part is that it didn't cost and arm and a leg. 

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