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Rise Up & Attack the Day with Enthusiasm!

posted Jul 8, 2015, 10:42 AM by Kelly Clifford

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Educators: Rise Up & Attack The Day With Enthusiasm!

It's official: the choice is up to you!  You can choose to wake up and attack the day with enthusiasm, OR you can choose to wake up and make it a day just like any other day.  As educators, we need to think about what it is that makes each dayunique, worthwhile, and exciting!  We also need to stop and ask ourselves the following questions:
  • What are we passionate about personally?  
  • What are we passionate about professionally? 
  • Are we taking time to follow our passions and to actually give them a chance? 

Chances are, if you are not doing something you are passionate about, you may feel "un-enthusiastic."Sometimes, I think people sit around and WAIT for their passion to find them instead of getting in the driver's seat and going after it!  Maybe some people really are lucky, and exciting things just find them, but I have always found that the best way to drive my own day/week/month/year, is to devote all of my energy toward building the doorways that lead to new and exciting opportunites both personally and professionally!  

Have you ever ate in a restaurat that offered a "create your own combination" dinner?  Think about pick your favorite items and eat them in a spectacular combination!  Have you ever read a story that was "create your own adventure?"  Think about it...what is more exciting than creating your very own adventure?  And the amazing thing is...this doesn't have to only take place in restaurants and story books!  I challenge educators to personally and professionally think about this as a challenge!  

If you created your own adventure every day at home, you would definitely be enthusiastic!  If you created your own adventure every day in your classroom, you would be not only enthusiastict, but also inspired to create moments of opportunity for your students to do the same.  The hot topic in "educational conversation" right now is the idea of "passion-based learning."  It is important that first, WE, as educators find things that we ourselves are passionate about. If we can't do this, then how can we ever expect to model the idea for our students?  Basically, I'm challenging you to find at least ONE thing that you can be personally enthusiastic about...and ONE thing that you can be Professionally enthusiastic about in the next month. Then, try to devote at least ONE moment each day or each week to working on that very thing you are passionate about!  Chances are, you will feel better about now being in your own motivational driver's seat!

If you are a fan of Twitter, it can be an excellent place to find 
motivational and inspirational quotes!  

Here are just a few that I have seen tweeted out lately!

The above quote is absolutely true!  Quit "wanting" and "wishing" for things to happen!  Get up, and MAKE things happen! If you don't make it happen, then someone else will...and it may be too late!  

In education, sometimes we "talk about" what we dream the ideal classroom would look like, or what we dream our lesson plans could be like. Well, instead of talking about it...let's SEE it!  SHOW US!  You are perfectly capable of devoting your energy to "showing us your dreams!"

Sometimes, I take "heat" from my friends and colleagues for being unafraid to talk to strangers.  Well, I find that "being afraid" is usually what limits people from opportunites that could be amazing!  Yes, there are definitely things that I am afraid of, but overcoming fear is one of the most freeing things that you can do for yourself both personally and professionally! 

Think About This:
  • If you were not afraid to talk to strangers...think of the amazing people you could meet!
  • If you were not afraid of heights...think of the awesome places you could go!
  • If you were not afraid of public speaking...think of all those that could hear your inspiring message!
  • If you were not afraid of technology...think of the spectacular ways you could digitally present and publish your story!
Remember, the choice is up to you!  You can choose to wake up and attack the day with enthusiasm, OR you can choose to wake up and make it a day just like any other day.  Come on, educators! Rise to the challenge!  


Kelly Clifford