Information Systems Specialist

Clifford G. Tamplin

3934 Maple Avenue
Brookfield IL 60513
Phone (312) 607 9072
Fax (814) 286 9905


A technology leadership role where my experience as a multinational information systems executive, used to operating in strategic roles can be applied to resolve business challenges. I am a specialist in the integration of complex systems and infrastructure and relish the challenge to use this to deliver business results.


The Open University, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, England.
Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in Information Systems and Mathematics.

Work Experience

Vice President, Information Technology, Chicago
Leader of IT architecture, infrastructure and operations for Hyatt’s 425+ hotels in 44+ countries. Line responsibility for central design and implementation with functional responsibility through regional IT teams for global service delivery.
  • Assessed the company’s IT operations and service for conformance with industry best practice
  • Revised budgets to align with Hyatt’s global aspirations
  • Built, mentored and retained team of high performance specialists
  • Responsible for information security and disaster recovery for Hyatt’s systems
  • Transitioned many of Hyatt’s systems to ‘the cloud’ or ‘as a service’ delivery models giving scalability and resiliency
  • Achieved and maintain compliance with PCI and SarbOx
  • Manage outsource vendors and negotiate new and revised contracts
  • Redesigned the systems and support teams to deliver current business objective focused solutions
  • Implement ITIL and other best practices to improve service design and delivery
  • Developed and implemented innovative solutions to improve business processes
CONSULTANT 8/02-7/07
Providing strategic and tactical IT expertise and operational interim management to various clients to assist in their top and bottom line development.
  • Advised clients on the development and marketing strategy for their software product.
  • Responsible for a project reengineering the client’s communications environment.
  • Refocused the client’s network department on world class customer service.
  • Evaluated and recommended sourcing solutions to optimize the return on investment by the client.
  • Planned and developed DRP solutions for components of the business recovery plan
  • Developed plans and implemented virus protection and management of recovery from Blaster/Nachi attacks
Managing Director, Information Services, Minneapolis, 6/99-7/02
Responsible for the design, implementation and support of the technical and systems infrastructure for the world’s fourth largest airline. This included the creation and development of a new leadership team for the IS organization required as a result of a significant restructuring.
  • Developed a concise and effective technical architecture and implementation strategy, which includes the airlines alliance partners KLM and Continental Airlines.
  • Line responsibility for up to 400 people.
  • Interim head of the systems development function for airline operations systems (Ground Operations, Flight Operations and Maintenance) pending the recruitment of a permanent departmental head.
  • Implemented cost savings measures to accommodate major changes in the business climate before and after September 11.
  • Enhanced the architecture and infrastructure to support the introduction and growth of the B2C, B2B and B2E initiatives.
  • Focused the organization on the simplification and effective delivery of technology to meet the demands of the business.
Vice President, Systems Architecture and Service Center, The Pillsbury Company, Minneapolis & London, 12/96- 4/99
Responsible for the co-ordination of all of the technical and systems development functions to form a cohesive strategy for Pillsbury’s information systems. Line responsibility for the Service Center that encompassed the delivery, operation and support of the Pillsbury infrastructure. This also includes international support and the help desk. Complement was 150 people and an annual budget of over $27m.
  • In less than a year delivered over $1m annual savings through optimization of the organization and processes.
  • Established effective partnerships with disparate internal customers.
  • As part of the program office, defined the strategic application direction for Pillsbury. This initiative sponsored by the Pillsbury CEO selected SAP R3 on HP after an intensive evaluation. SAP went live in 10/98
Vice President, Group Technical Architecture, Grand Metropolitan, Minneapolis, 1/96-1/98
Responsible for forming and running the technical strategy group comprising the CIOs of the Operating Companies. Its charter was to ensure the integrity of the Group’s development plans, to define standards, to evaluate future directions and to gain synergy across the group.
  • Succeeded in getting the disparate parts of the group to work together effectively.
  • Led relationships and contract negotiations with major suppliers to deliver group wide benefit.
  • The role was welcomed by the Operating Companies resulting in the communication and adoption of the policies ratified by the operating companies in addition to substantial cost reductions.
Vice President, Technology Services, Grand Metropolitan, Minneapolis, 5/93-1/96
Responsible for heading the global technical organization to design, build and support the infrastructure for the Group's information systems.
  • Drove the rationalization of the company's data centers from the original seven to the now remaining two.
  • Expanded services into the new markets being developed by the Group, notably continental Europe and the Asia/Pacific area.
  • Successfully managed a global team split between Miami, Minneapolis and London.
  • Performed an advisory role to the operating companies for their development and strategy.
  • Successfully built the teams to implement client server systems across the group.
  • Supported three separate installations of SAP in group companies
  • Presented papers on the international telecommunications market and deregulation to various forums.
Director of Technical Services, Grand Metropolitan, London, 6/90-5/93
Responsible for the provision of the technical infrastructure to the businesses in the UK and Europe.
  • Completely overhauled the GrandMet network covering all of the voice and data requirements of the group.
  • Implemented effective maintenance and quality programs for the support organizations.
  • Account manager for services provided to Burger King EMEA.
  • Led the initiative to determine and implement a set of global standards for the Group in order that skills could be better shared between the Operating Companies.
  • Led the futures planning team during the re-engineering activities to focus the teams towards the options for expansion as the business environment changed and some of the older areas were eliminated.
  • Participated in the 'Milk round' representing GrandMet to Universities and potential graduate recruits.
MARS 2/84-5/90
Systems Manager, Viersen, Germany 7/89-5/90
Responsible for the conversion of the systems from the two remaining Mars data centers, one in France and the other in Germany, to MVS in the UK and USA. The project involved detailed analysis of the local environments, cost justification and planning of the transfer, technical and systems design, programming conversion of the systems, education of the technical staff at the remote sites and the management of the transfer and conversion.
  • Completed successfully on time, within budget and with minimal disruption to the user community
Project Manager, Maidenhead and New Jersey, 2/89-6/89
Responsible for defining, developing and testing a viable disaster recovery plan to meet the requirements of the auditors as well as our own using a hot start site in the USA. This involved all aspects of the business applications and their criticality, communications, computing and office hardware, physical and logical security, and commercial implications.
  • At the first test all production application systems were recovered to the desired checkpoint and successfully tested from the various locations across Europe.
Systems Manager, Europe, 2/84- 2/89
Responsible for systems programmers, network specialists and systems managers supporting IBM mainframe, midrange and distributed processing software and hardware; all aspects of the network and the PTOs; DEC operational and development environments.
  • Defined the strategy for and managed the design and implementation of the European communications networks supporting over 4000 terminals.
  • Designed the Mars North American X.25 network.
  • Worked with the business units to find the most appropriate solutions to their needs. Evaluated and implemented these solutions.
  • Planned and executed the relocation of the European IS headquarters.
  • Drove performance monitoring and improvements to the different systems under my control to improve efficiency and avoid costly upgrades.
  • Reviewed and improved network security.
  • Evaluated, selected and implemented of new voice systems (PBXs and messaging)
  • Technical leader of the consolidation of the data centers in Holland, Germany and France.
AMDAHL 11/82-2/84
Senior Systems Engineer, London
Responsible for the provision of software and hardware support to Amdahl's customers in its south-eastern region. Reporting and deputy to the Regional Field Manager with a team of systems engineers under my control.
  • Provided marketing support when approaching new prospects, several of which became customers.
  • Acted as interim Systems Programming Manager for SEGAS
MARS 1/79-10/82
Systems Manager, Maidenhead
Responsible for the technical environment and a team of systems programmers.
  • Installed the first distributed computing systems (IBM 8100s).
  • Persuaded Mars to move to MVS. Installed MVS and ran it.
  • Wrote the security policies and procedures for IS. Implemented them throughout the group.
  • Active member and treasurer of the Guide user group participating in studies proposing improvements to IBM software.