Information Systems Specialist

... about me
I am originally from England. After assignments in France, Germany and Holland, my family and I moved to the United States in 1994.

... my work

I have been in the Information Technology sector for many years, supporting business sectors such as financial services, consumer packaged goods, hospitality and travel. I am currently looking for a leadership role in a company that has (or wishes to have) active exploitation of technology to benefit and grow the business.

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... my interests

Flying as a commercial instrument rated pilot and flight instructor.
I am also a member of The Civil Air Patrol.

I retired from the army, but still follow the exploits of my regiment closely. The Honourable Artillery Company

I support United Way

I even sometimes get to be a Boy Scout Counsellor teaching the aviation and IT merit badges.

I recently bought a Tesla Model S. Read about my road trip here

To contact me

3144 Hanging Moss Circle 
Kissimmee FL 34741

Phone (312) 607 9072


... my family

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James: website or Email
My brother John
My sister Mary

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