The Global Right Wing and the
Clash of World Politics

Cambridge University Press, Cambridge Studies in Contentious Politics, 2012

Human rights, environmentalism, and global justice:  these transnational movements today face fierce opposition from networks of conservative activists promoting contrary aims.  In their globalized battles, these foes struggle as much to advance their own causes as to destroy their rivals. Deploying exclusionary strategies, negative tactics, and dissuasive ideas, they aim both to make and unmake policy. The Global Right Wing chronicles combat over homosexuality and gun control in the UN, the Americas, Europe, and elsewhere. It investigates the “Baptist-burqa” network of conservative believers attacking gay rights, and the global gun coalition blasting efforts to control firearms. Drawing critical conclusions about norms, activists and institutions, The Global Right Wing will change how campaigners fight, scholars study policy wars, and all of us think about world politics.

NEW! Foreign Affairs review essay by Walter Russell Mead

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'Indispensable reading for understanding globalization and contemporary politics.'
David S. Meyer,

'Will reorient the literature and influence scholars.' Eric Posner,
University of Chicago Law School

'Offers exciting new insights on the world of transnational policy making.' James Ron,
University of MInnesota

'A very important book . . . fascinating reading.'
Vivien Schmidt,
Boston University

'Strips away the myths that have allowed believe that...civil society will inevitably aid their cause.... Offer[s] guidance about... approaches to intractable problems that might actually offer some hope of limited success.' Walter Russell Mead, Foreign Affairs

'Convincingly mak[es] the case for scholars reorienting their focus regarding the operations of activist networks and the dynamic that arises from the clash of such networks.' International Studies Review

'Thoroughly researched and well argued...offers a much-needed corrective to the conventional wisdom and helps to fill an important gap in the literature.' Human Rights Quarterly

'Forces us to rethink standard academic views of global civil society.'
S.E.Nepstad, Mobilization

Admirable analysis...
Acta Sociologica

'Bob has made another excellent contribution to the understanding of transnational relations.' Choice