My Dad’s Award

posted Oct 3, 2013, 6:25 AM by josh holloway   [ updated Oct 3, 2013, 6:55 AM ]


                                               By Eliza Crowley

Monday my dad got an award for saving his firefighter buddy’s life. His firefighter friend had a heart attack. My dad walked in the office and he saw him on the desk dead, he started CPR right away. The other firefighter that my dad was working with helped him with CPR. The guy that my dad saved was Steve Henderson. Steve is alive and he was at the ceremony  were my dad and the guy that helped my dad  got an award. They gave my dad ( David Crowley) and his CPR helper (Garry Anderson) an award at city hall. After the awards they took family pictures of the Henderson family and my family, and in one of the pictures they got was Steve, Garry, and my dad sitting in front of all the other firefighters and EMTs that helped get Steve to the hospital. That night was an amazing and happy night. I am so proud of my dad.