Coaching Staff

Todd Dufault
 Varsity Coach  507-213-3332
 Leif Thompson JV Coach/Varsity Assistant 612-501-3964
 Rick Duncan Varsity Assistant
 Tyler Stettler 9th Grade Coach/Varsity Assistant
 Mike Holmquist    
Director of Basketball Operations / Varsity Assistant

Coach Purpose Statements
Todd Dufault:

Build Champions on and off the court.  I want my players to have "Fun Through Excellence" and understand the power of TEAM.   Learn to enjoy the process, learn to be a great teammate, stay coachable and learn life skills while striving to be your best every single day.   As a coach, I just want to be a positive role model for my players and make sure they know how much a care about them.  Regardless of their role, they are all important to any success we will have as a TEAM. 

Lief Thompson:
My purpose as a coach is to build relationships with players, inspire a love for the game, and help guide players to become young men with integrity.  

Rick Duncan: 
To build trustful relationships with student athletes so I can be a positive role-model to every athlete, and mentor them through a positive experience in athletics and everyday life.

Tom Tengwall: 
I want players to know that they are valued irregardless of their skill level. I want players to see and experience the power of encouragement. I want players to learn to love the game and love playing it with their teammates.