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Clever Cover Lampshades offers a fantastic solution for changing your lampshades in a snap.  Our lampshades are made of high-quality wallpaper* and are beautiful, durable, and the perfect fit for your decor. Whether you need to spruce up an old lampshade, give your lamp a seasonal makeover, or want a long-term decorating solution, Clever Cover Lampshades has you covered! We make all our lampshade covers right here in New England.  Browse through our online selection of lampshades to find your Clever Cover!

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Clever Covers on display

{My Clever Cover   Lampshade was perfect for a vintage lamp that I bought. The original shade was discolored and the Clever Cover transformed it into something beautiful!}
-- [Sarah]

{I've had my Clever Cover for 8 years and it is still in perfect shape!}
-- [Joan]

Clever Covers: Before

Clever Covers: After