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There are many ways to support our mission:
  • Use our resource, and let other people know about it!

  • Let us know if we have missing or incomplete information!  (We can add a cast list, or other items like promotional videos to a Now Playing Page, or mission statements to theatre pages!)

  • Come to our events!  We often produce concerts to support the Cleveland Stage Alliance and help get the word out about our wonderful resource!

  • Make a financial donation. 

If you would like to be a financial supporter of Cleveland Stage Alliance, you can donate using the button below.

Donations are also accepted through Venmo, just send your donation to username actorfanch with "Cleveland Stage Alliance" or "CSA" in the comments.

Disclaimer: The CSA is NOT a registered non profit.

A note from the founder:

        The Cleveland Stage Alliance is the only resource of it's kind in the northeast Ohio area.  Currently, the site's weekly updates, new features, Facebook presence, and email communications, are all handled by one person- myself.  I do have a full time job, and I also enjoy occasionally participating in the rich local theatre community we have in the Cleveland/Akron area.  Having said that, it becomes clear that it sometimes can be very difficult to find the time throughout the week to update the site as needed.  As word has gotten out about the site over the past six years traffic has increased.  The site has been visited by over 47,800 unique IP addresses, with up to 182 people using the site per day in the last year!
        In my years updating the site, I have added over 100 different venues to the site and over 2400 unique pages for individual shows, as well as edited over that many poster images.  I spend a total of between 6 and 12 hours per week updating the site.
        Clearly my lack of free time is not your problem.  Nobody asked me to create this resource, that is true, I did it because I felt the community needed something like it, and it didn't exist anywhere else, and we remain the only resource of its kind.  There are many new ideas I have swirling in my head and some require money to bring to fruition, money which I can't afford to spend out of my own pocket.  I don't need a million dollar grant, or even minimum wage, but if you have benefited from the site's resources over the past few years, or if your theatre organization has gained exposure from my work, I would be incredibly grateful for any monetary gift you could impart.
        If you want to support, but don't have the financial means, please just spread the word.  Mention it.  Put a link on your website (I will make a logo image to any specification).  Do anything you can to spread awareness of the site and I will always be grateful.

Thank you,

Eric Fancher

Financial Supporters:

Curt Arnold
Ian Atwood
Bryan Bird
Dennis Burby
Patrick Carroll
Mark and Bill Corcoran (Theatre in the Circle)
Sharron DeCosta
Ed Dragony
Mary Fancher
Alicia Fogal
Robert Hawkes
Bernadette Hisey
Deborah Hoffman
Stuart Hoffman
Kevin Kelly
Diana Kullgren
Mark and Linda Little (The Dover Players)
Kate Michalski
Michael Wochna
Kathleen Wieser
Rebecca Riffle
Dennis Runkle
Tim Tavcar
Ed Walsh
Rannigan Walsh
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