knittingworkshop 7:30 9-22-07
come party...err...learn to knit with petite!

join us for free knitting lessons from an expert knitter and teacher! this is quite a treat!

please bring the supplies listed below and a snack and/or beverage to share (alcoholic beverages welcome and conducive to mistake forgiveness, according to petite :)

the workshop will be at chez petite in euclid, please convo her to receive directions to the secret lair :)


-Supply list-


Print one the patterns below and get the recommended
yarns and needles and supplies (convo petite if you need


Size 7, 8 or 9 needles of your choice
worsted weight yarn (a 3 or 4) with recommended needle
size of 7, 8 or 9

(look at this site for examples:
make sure your yarn is smooth and not fuzzy, frizzy or
bouclé for your first project so you can see the
stitches on your needles better, but, other than that, get any fiber or
color you prefer) 
 and scissors

Simple baby blanket:

EASY scarves for not so new knitters:

Dish/washcloth for beginners:

Cutey washcloth for not so new knitters:

Easy baby blanket:

Skull cap for not so new kniters:

Easy felted purse: