From Cleveland to New Orleans, Cleveys roam free and craft...



Basketweaving 101-craft carrier



Geometric Flora-craft carrier



Sunshine in a Bag-craft carrier




Shibuya-craft carrier



Leaf Collector-craft carrier



Three Hour Tour-craft carrier



Cherry Covered Chocolate-craft carrier


Music and Lyrics-craft carrier



Flowers (Mod and Otherwise)-craft carrier

Amber from GreenLotus on Etsy rocks! Originally from Cleveland, she now attends Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana. And she loves LeBron. Of course :)

Let's ask her some (unapolegetically girly) questions:

please tell us about what you make

I make craft carriers, which are essentially little pouches I made with knitting and crochet projects in mind. They're a great size for tossing a small project into and then taking it on the road.

how long have you been making it?

I started in July of 2007, although I'd been signed up on Etsy since May.

how did it start?

I couldn't find a steady summer job, and wanted to do something crafty in my spare time. I'd heard about Etsy, and had bought some things through it before, so I thought why not combine the two?

favorite thing about creating?

I love choosing the fabric and zipper color combinations! I can drive my mum crazy, standing in the fabric store for hours just matching different swatches.

most frustrating?

When the sewing machine won't cooperate, and I have to rework the tension or rethread the bobbin. Excruciating!

any Etsy wisdom you don't mind sharing?

Patience is definitely key. I made some sales right away, and now I'm in a bit of a dry spell, but I think with some more marketing things'll pick up again. And get on the forums! People are always so ready to help you out!

is there an item you have made that you consider your favorite?

It's actually a carrier that sold right away, "Shibuya." To be honest I was halfway hoping its listing would expire and I could keep it! The lady who purchased it was super sweet though.

which shop on Etsy do you daydream about?

Oh lord, all of them. Any indie yarn dyer, Smashing's shop, Belleandboo.... usually I dream about my favorite items. There is a fleur-de-lis necklace I am aching for that was sold, what tragedy!
(Amber, your endorsement check is in the mail, wink!)

where else can you be found?

I share a knitblog with my pal Uhlissa, the Black Heels and Purls Knitting Society. I should really update that soon.

(readers-here is a little preview of Amber's blog: "Oh Jesus, I thought. Did I order yarn in my sleep?" i almost spit out my coffee! :)


fill in the ____

selling on Etsy is: exciting and yet nerve wracking

when i close my eyes at night i see: absolutely nothing, i zonk right out

my dream house has: multi-hued walls and turrets

if i were stuck on a desert island: i'd want to be stuck with the Professor from Gilligan's Island

the post office: is terribly difficult to get to in New Orleans

i can't live without: the internet

the only ugly color is: bright orange mixed with brown! (Sorry Browns, it's just how I feel!)

the best day of my life was: the day I returned to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina

the song i would like to erase from the world's collective memory is: the Macarena

this is how i feel about sending freebies in my packages: I love it! Mum actually designs my freebies, so I truly do love it. :D

choose one (or neither or both) (and elaborate if ya wanna) :)

sunbeam or kitchen aid kitchenaid

world market or pier 1 world market (I can't live without miso soup)

starbucks or yourlocalcoffeeshophere starbucks (PJ's means well, but I just love that green tea iced latte)

good shoes or good purse good purse (where else would I put all of my stuff?! I've got a LOT of stuff)

orange or pink pink

chunky necklace or dainty necklace chunky necklace

gift card or cash cash (mostly I just like saying 'cash money!')

voicemail or text message text message (I have recently become obsessed with texting, I don't know how it happened)

That was fun, thanks for including me!

 - Amber
Thank you Amber! Nice chattin' with ya! :)