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A Thank You to Our Generous Sponsors

We appreciate the support of our generous sponsors and wish to offer our thanks here. For information on how to become a Cleveland Park Listserv sponsor click here.

Diamond Sponsors

Joe Himali, Best Address Real Estate, www.bestaddress.com

Sabores Restaurant, www.saboresdc.com

Platinum Sponsors

Dr. Steve Horwitz, Capital Sports Injury Center, www.DCSportsInjury.com

Deborah Dougherty, Yoga for Bones

Mary Lowry Smith, Red Line Homes Real Estate, www.marylowrysmith.com

City Fitness, www.cityfitness.com

Capitol City Geeks, www.capcitygeeks.com

Jennifer Knoll, Jennifer Knoll Real Estate, http://jenniferknoll.lnfre.com

Gold Sponsors

Jule Miller, Jule's Pet Sitting Services, www.julespetsitting.com

Silver Sponsors

Lynn Hamerling

Marjorie Dick Stuart, Randal Hagner Real Estate, www.marjoriedickstuart.com

Elizabeth Wilson Tutoring

Stephen Weber

Sue Fortunato, Massage Therapy, Relaxation Classes, Pilates

Jason West, Computer Consulting and Support

Theresa Leon Math Tutoring

Uptown Cathay Restaurant

Mike Colligan, Cleveland Park Handyman, http://www.cphandyman.com

Capitol Language Services,http://capitollanguageservices.com

Scott Delise, S&B Contractors

Paul Edholm

Suzan M. Stafford

Bronze Sponsors

Reena Kazmann

Allison Yora

The Cleveland Park Listserv is the largest neighborhood email list in the United States, and was selected as the #1 Listserv by City Paper in 2009. You can find out more about becoming a listserv sponsor here.

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