Listserv Boundary Map

These are the boundaries of the Cleveland Park Listserv. While everyone is welcome to join the Cleveland Park Listserv, only members who live within the boundaries may advertise. Only events that take place within the list's boundaries or that directly relate to the neighborhood can be promoted on the listserv.

To follow the boundary lines: Start on the southeast corner of the National Zoo and go northeast following the border of the Zoo, and then continue northward along the eastern edge of Rock Creek Park. At Military Road go west, so that Military Road forms the boundary line on the north, ending at Western Avenue. Then follow Western southeast until 46th St. Take 46th St. due south until Massachusetts Avenue and American University. The boundary line goes to the west around A.U. to take in the campus and then continues south along Foxhall Road until Whitehaven Parkway. The southern boundary of the listserv runs east along Whitehaven Parkway, ending at Wisconsin Avenue, and then continues a few blocks south on Wisconsin until R St. The southern boundary line continues to the east along R St., taking in all of Montrose Park, which connects at its eastern end with Rock Creek Park to form the southeastern boundary of the listserv. If you follow the boundary line of Rock Creek Park northeast, you will arrive at the southeast corner of the National Zoo, where we began.

Any event within these boundaries may be publicized on the Cleveland Park Listserv. List members residing within these boundaries have advertising privileges on the Listserv, as described in more detail on the list's Advertising Policy Page.

The Cleveland Park Listserv is an all-volunteer, community-run email list. We are the largest neighborhood email list in the United States and a very busy place in cyberspace. You are welcome to show your support by making a donation: