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You can wish somebody a happy birthday, anniversary, Valentine's Day, congratulate them on their graduation or new job, wish somebody bon voyage...or anything you want on the Cleveland Park Listserv. You can dedicate the day to your spouse, son, daughter, parents, boss (sure, why not?), neighbor, friend -- anyone.

It's easy and inexpensive. Just send in a message to the Cleveland Park Listerv as you ordinarily would by posting it at www.cleveland-park.com or by sending your best wishes or congratulations message to cleveland-park@yahoogroups.com. The click on the Buy Now button below and pay $25 using a credit card or PayPal. (You can pay first, too -- either way is okay.) Remember to sign your message with your name!

The Cleveland Park Listserv is the largest neighborhood email list in the United States. You can view the current number of members at www.cleveland-park.com.

Questions? Email the listersv moderator at: