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Your $25 annual membership helps keep the Cleveland Park Listserv alive and prospering. The Cleveland Park Listserv, the largest neighborhood email list in the United States, was rated the #1 Listserv by Washington City Paper. We publish 365 days a year -- and have done so since November 1999. a

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Friends of the Cleveland Park Listserv receive special benefits (in addition to good karma for supporting the Listserv). As the list has grown over the years, the moderators have strained to provide tech support to list members when it comes to changing their subscription mode (from individual messages to the 12-message digest or the "no email" vacation mode), troubleshooting list problems, and searching the archives. We are now happy to extend these benefits to Friends of the Cleveland Park Listserv: You you receive up to four tech support queries per year. (You can reach us via the contact information on our home page.)

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