Become a Friend of the Cleveland Park Listserv

Become a Friend of the Cleveland Park Listserv

Your donations to the Cleveland Park Listserv help to keep this online community resource alive and prospering. The Cleveland Park Listserv, the largest neighborhood email list in the United States, publishes 365 days a year, reaching over 12,000 verified subscribers -- and has been going since November 1999.

But we can't keep it up without the generous support of members like you.

Friends of the Cleveland Park Listserv receive special benefits (in addition to good karma for supporting the Listserv). As the list has grown over the years, the moderators have strained to provide tech support to list members when it comes to changing their subscription mode (from individual messages to the 12-message digest or the "no email" vacation mode), troubleshooting list problems, and searching the archives. We are now happy to extend these benefits to Friends of the Cleveland Park Listserv: You can send up to four tech support queries per year.

To make a Friend of the Listserv donation ($25 is the suggested amount but if you are feeling generous, please don't feel limited to that amount!), please contact Moderator/Publisher Peggy Robin at clevelandpark @ fastmail dot net or use the "Contact Us" form at and let us know what Friend of the Listserv donation you would like to make. We will use our PayPal invoicing system to send you an email with a credit card payment button. Or you can Venmo your contribution to Peggy Robin @Peggy-Robin - peggyrobin @ gmail dot com - with a note that it's a Friend of the Listserv Donation.

Sorry, but the Cleveland Park Listserv is NOT a 501(c)3 registered nonprofit and so contributions may not be taken as charitable deductions. Consult a tax advisor to find out whether a payment from your business or professional account to this source of community/business information can be taken as a business expense or subscription cost.

Questions? Suggestions? Feel free to call us at 202 742 6873.

p.s. We are hoping to do some upgrading on these very old webpages, and expect (one of these days!) to be adding payment buttons, graphics, and other bells and whistles. (But don't hold your breath while waiting for it!)

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