Our Tools

What tools of investigation we use:

EMF Detector - A device that is highly sensitive to electrical currents. The detector comes with different levels of electrical strength shown by a meter. Spirits or ghosts are said to be made up of electronic magnetic energy. When the EMF Detector sense a large amount of electronic energy it sounds and lights up to alert us to the large amount of power.

Digital Recorder - Spirits speak in a frequency higher than the human ears can hear. The digital recorder can "hear" these levels and records them. When played back the voices/noises from the higher level can be heard.

Digital Camera - Great for taking pictures that can later show evidence. Also it shows things that the human eye may not catch. Our camera has caught a full spirit standing right infront of us and we never saw it until we looked back at the pictures. The camera is also great for capture orbs and such.

White Noise X - Sources of White Noise for the spirits. Ours was built by Bill Chapel so you know it is the best of the best!

Laptop - Best way for seeing upclose details in pictures/videos and listening to EVPs

Ableton Live 8 - Great way to check out the EVP's.

Spirit Box - This is the device that allows spirits to speak through the white noise created through the radio channels as they are being scanned. This device has been featured on Ghost Adventures and we received the item through Chris Fleming.

Speaker for Spirit Box - Hear better
Temp Gage - Able to this this to measure the changes in temp during our investigations. It is a gun that registers, also with a laser for accurate readings as well as an LCD screen for night investigating.

Mini Mag Lights - Able for spirits to turn it in order to answer yes/no questions.

Ovilous 2

K2 Meter

Our bodies - Your body knows when something isn't right by goosebumps, chills, ect.