Meet the CPRS CREW!

 ** Does karate and jujitsu
** Likes hard rock and heavy metal
** Is rebuilding a 1976 trans am
** Likes going to Disney world
** Enjoy lifting weights and doing P90X
** Loves martial arts action movies
** Collects movie replica swords

** Loves tropical vacations and weather
** Been interested in the paranormal since a young age
** Great sense of humor
** Loves going to movies about the paranormal
** Favorite sport is gymnastics
** Loves Florida
** Favorite season is summer  
** Enjoys bowling

** EXTREMELY proud Dad
** Is a spiritual and religious Christian man
** Is into the visual arts
** A Libra
** Likes playing video games
** Like reptiles and has had snakes and lizards as pets
** Was in tae-kwon-do for 4 years
** Likes drawing
** Listens to rap music
** Into weather especially thunderstorms.  He enjoys watching the lightning and listening to the thunder
** Likes to travel when possible
** When he was young he played soccer for about 4 years.

**New Grandmother to James who was born premature
**2 kids (Jon and Jenn)
**Loves anything scary... haunted houses, roller coasters or movies
**Loves her yorkie Bella
**Number 8 out of 9 siblings
**Went to nursing school but never finshed
**Worked as a temp at General Motors for close to 5 years and hopes to become permanent this year

**35 years young
**Been an xray tech for 11 years
**Has two cats (Tigger and Harley)
**Loves riding on the back of her boyfriend's Harley
**Proud Mom to her son Dakota
**A book of useless knowledge when it comes to TV and movie trivia.
Addicted to sushi.  Could eat it for every meal, if budget would allow it.
An Army vet, served from '97 to '01 at Ft. Hood, TX
Played roller derby for 3 years with the Little Steel Derby Girls, just recently retiring because of a jenky back.  Derby name was Sioux She
Addicted to her Iphone
Loves to laugh, and make those around her laugh.
Long naps are her guilty pleasure


**Studied Video and 3D at Pittsburgh Tech

**A developing stand up comedian

**Hosts a podcast called The Comic Run

**Big fan of Marvel Comics

**Plays Japanese card games

**Will do anything for a laugh
Naps on long car rides.

**Spends a great deal of time reading

**Always willing to meet new people


**Interested in Photography
**A huge Ohio State fan
**In the process of teaching myself to sing and play guitar
**Working on starting my own business
**The joy of my life is her remarkable niece Adalyn, who teaches her as she learns and experiences life
**Love,Love, LOVE to read. Two favorite authors are James Patterson and Patricia Cornwell, with the goal to collect all of their work
**Always dreamt of publishing a novel, and am currently writing two books
**Falls in love with every animal she meets
**Enjoys cooking and baking
**One of herfavorite places to visit is Tamaraland. She's the only one who's been there. (You'll never find it on a map, so don't bother looking.) Once you know her, you'll understand completely.