Orbs tend to appear and disappear within a camera frame while dust just keeps on going. Dust will reflect brightly if its close to a light source, and become duller as it moves away. Bugs tend to pulsate as they flap there wings. Orbs are spherical “lights” or balls of energy, though not visible with the naked eye, appear on film or in photographs. Apparent in variable size, most often they appear in shades of white; however, on rare occasions they may take on different colors.

– High Density Orbs are the least common of the two types of orbs. Generally, these orbs are the only anomaly in a photo, are opaque (solid) in appearance and glow brightly from within. These orbs are usually of magnitudes two (2) and three (3).

– Low Density Orbs are the more common of the two types of orbs and are generally what is thought of when the subject of orbs is mentioned as these can very closely resemble airborne particulate matter. The primary difference between these orbs and airborne matter is that, although they are translucent, they are light emissive. This type of orb is of a magnitude zero (0) or one (1).

Scarlet Red - Strong willpower, over-inflated ego, pompous, survival oriented, realistic
Dark Red - Anger, pain, psychological impairment 
Deep Red - Short-tempered, stress, restlessness
Vermilion (Clear Red)
- Creative, powerful, energetic, competitive, passionate
Light Pink - Sensitive, compassionate, affectionate, true love, openness
Salmon Pink - Immature, dishonest
Orange-Red - Confident, healing energy
- Strong motivation, healthy, adventurous, courageous, outgoing
Peach - Caring communicator, ability to comfort
Amber - Strong and courageous
Orange-Yellow - Optimistic, scientific, intelligent, perfectionist
Pale Yellow
- Shyness, optimistic, hopeful
Lemon Yellow - Strength of direction, fearful of loss
- Caution, warning
Buttercup - Focused on a course of action (determined), inspired
Mustard - Manipulative, overly analytical, making up for lost time
Gold- Higher level of consciousness, wise, protective, enlightened, tolerance, free-flowing energy
Apple Green - Friendly, communicative
- Liar, cheater, dishonesty
Olive Green - Miserly, Scrooge-like
Emerald Green - Healer, teacher, love-centered person, fertility
Forest Green - Jealous, low self-esteem, overly sensitive
- Therapist, communicative, sensitive, amusement, neutrality
Sky Blue (Light) - Strong instinct, intuitive, peaceful, truthful, tranquility
Pilot Light Blue
- Shielding, protective
Cobalt Blue - Intuitive in a higher dimension
Royal Blue - Knows their chosen path, generous, highly spiritual
Navy Blue - Shyness, slow yet safe and sure, fearful of truth or being one's self, survival instinct
Indigo - Strong psychic ability, intuitive, deep-feeling
- Daydreamer, visionary, spiritual peacefulness
Violet - Sensitive, wise, intuitive, idealistic, seeking spirituality
Grape - Laziness 
Dark Purple - Stored information
- Humble 
White - Pure, transcendent, often a new un-designated energy, high frequency, protective, shielding

Silver - Linked to spiritual realm, spiritual and physical abundance, nurturing, telekinetic energy
Gray - Feeling trapped
Payne's Gray - Depressed, fearful
Black- Tortured, abused, unreleased grief
Raw Sienna
- Poor thinking processes, insecure, stressed
Chocolate Brown - Environmentalist, common sense, connected to the earth