Home investigation in Elyria, Ohio

The client called in a frenzy when they woke up one night due to a disturbance. After snapping some photos, they discovered a partial manifestation in several photos. The client also smelled smoke coming through her apartment, when no one around her smoked. She also stated things moving in the apartment when no one was there to move them.

One night she provoked the spirit within the apartment and it knocked over her cup in her hand and tore up her bedroom apartment by throwing clothing everywhere.

Our findings were high EMF readings due to wiring in the floor. We discovered the smoke smell was nothing more then smoke coming from another apartment far away, but due to the vents in the apartment, it traveled to her apartment.

The paranormal findings were mostly on the Spirit Box. We discovered the haunting was nothing more then her loving brother, who passed away from the war in Iraq around seven years ago and her grandmother just stopping by to check on her.

Followup within 24 hours from the investigation concluded her brother moved some teddy bears that were his or he gave to her... A loving sign that he was there and would always be there for his sister.

Death doesn't break bonds, but make them stronger.