hello, etsy alberta!
let's get to know an etsy team neighbor to the north


september 27, 2007


i got the chance to talk to Katelynjane of the new Etsy Alberta, Canada team. here's how she answered all of my nosey team questions! :)


                           Etsy Alberta


smashing says: what is your team's mission and how long have you been around?


- Well, our team has just started up so our mission isn't fully established. But I'll tell you what I hope our mission to be. I would love this group to be driven by helping hands. It's so amazing when someone lends a hand or a word of encouragement or a tid-bit of advice. It not only helps your business to become stronger, it helps your outlook on life to become more positive. This is huge. Our mission, I guess, is to help each other. Maybe this will one day stem to outside our Etsy stores. That would be pretty cool.

-Our team is just a baby (: I started just a week ago actually, emailing people in my area and posting topics for EtsyAlberta in the forums. We're still young but so far it's been what I would consider, very successful.

i love your mission statement!

how many members so far?


- At the moment we have nine members. There's quite a few people I'm waiting for responses from so I expect we'll have more members in the next couple of days. Like I said, we're just a baby group (:

does your team have leaders?


- There's actually no official leader in our group as of yet. I was the one to instigate the official group (although, I've heard there was a get together last year, I don't believe it turned into an official group...) but there are a couple of girls that have been helping out with planning a get together (Crystal from birdybear) and another who has offered great support and ideas (Jenny from jennykeithhughes).

is there a wesite for your team we should check out?


- We have a blog going so far http://etsyalberta.blogspot.com maybe one day we will have an official web-site but for now we're sticking to the blog, the forums and the chat rooms.

any upcoming events?


- Crystal (from birdybear) is trying to organize a casual get together for our members. We're not sure on the dates yet but as soon as she gets a few responses from whoever is interested they will be having a fun meeting. Just something that the members can bring their products to, introduce themselves and chat about Etsy and their marketing techniques. Should be lots of fun!

how do you join your team? are there any requirements?


-There's only one requirement to joining our team: That you be from Alberta. So far, most of our members are from the Edmonton area but anyone in the Alberta area can join. I actually (blushing) break this rule. Kinda. I'm from Dawson Creek, which is actually 20 minutes from the Alberta border in B.C...but the closest big city is Edmonton and as far as I know, there isn't any other Etsy sellers closer! If anyone wants to join our team they can just contact me. I'll add them to our email list and then to the blog list. When they're turn rolls around, I'll interview them and put the interview up on the EtsyAlberta blog.

any "real life" meet-ups yet?


-So far our team hasnt' met in real life. Crystal is trying to work out a group meeting which would be super cool. I would love to organize more meetings though. I think Edmonton is going to end up being our "base city" and I'm hoping that every time I make that trip I can meet up with at least one of the members. If all of us could meet though, that would be awesome.

anything else we should know about? :)


-Once a week, our blog will feature one of our members until we go through the list. Eventually I would like to have a "guest blogger", interview an Etsy admin member as well as do an interview with an Etsy seller from a different country (I hope I can do this often, covering as many countries as I can). Each article will of course hold pictures of the sellers items and links to their site. There's a few other tricks I have up my sleeve for this blog too. I love writing so this is just another "out" for me in that direction (:


definetly sounds like the start of something great! nice to meet you Etsy Alberta! thanks! :)