International Folk Dance in Cleveland

University Folk Dance Circle is Cleveland's community recreational International Folk Dance group.  

Our focus is participatory dance, not performance. We welcome all participants with or without prior dance experience.  

A PARTNER IS NOT REQUIRED. Special costumes are not needed. Wear comfortable shoes and clothes for active movement. Most of our dances are line or circle dances (no partner), but we also do partner dances (you can find a partner in our group).  

Each night we do numerous dances ranging in difficulty from beginner to advanced, so there is something for everyone!  

We do folk dances from many countries around the world. Dances from Eastern Europe, Greece, Turkey, Israel and Sweden are particularly popular, but we also do dances from the U.S., Canada and other countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.  

We do not have a regular teaching schedule, but we teach dances every night as desired by participants. We cater to individual requests; if you have a favorite dance or nationality, we will do our best to fit your interest! International Folk Dancing provides aerobic exercise, exposure to music, dance and culture from a diverse set of traditions, friendly social interaction and of course the pleasure of dance! We do not charge admission for your first night with our group, so come and experience International Folk Dancing!
TIME: 8:15-11:00 Friday evenings as indicated in our schedule.


Animal Zen, in the Rockefeller Building

3101 Mayfield Rd, Cleveland Heights

(NE corner of Mayfield and Lee, parking in front)

Admission: $5/adult, children free, first night free.

Jan 19- Dance!

Jan 26- Dance

Feb 2- Dance!

Feb 9- Dance!

Feb 16- Dance!

Feb 23- Dance!

Mar 2- Dance!

Mar 9- Dance!

Mar 16- Dance!

Mar 23- Dance!

Mar 30- NO DANCING (Good Friday, Passover)

Apr 6- Dance!

Apr 13- Dance!

Apr 20- Dance!

Apr 27- Dance!

May 4- Dance!

May 11- Dance!


Gale Jacobsohn (216) 295-9550 Lois Romanoff (216) 231-2170 Cliff Harding (216) 283-6543
OR: email clevelandfolkdance@gmail.com (there may be a delay in response, as we check email intermittently)

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