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The Cleveland Cricket Club, in only its second year of participation, won the Michigan Cricket League 40 over championship. The team displayed courage, commitment and a high level of skill and lost only one game on the road to becoming champions. The tournament ended a long standing drought of a major championship win for the club. 
The team also participated in the Midwest Cricket league and made a fantastic run to the play-off's only to fall short of the prize.  
The club had an overall winning record in both leagues combined.
2010 cannot be here sooner!

2009 Results archive

News Archive from 2009:
CLEVELAND is the 2009 MichCA 40 over League CHAMPION
Cleveland 190/10 in 39.1 overs (Sujay 40, Ani 36, Pratik 31) beat Farmington Hills 164/10 in 38.4 overs (Sujay 3-25, Deepak 3-36, Manu 2-13) Man of the Final: Sujay
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Cleveland into the Michigan League finals!
Cleveland 280/6 in 40 overs beat Oakland University 264/10 in 39.3 overs

Cleveland cruises into the Semi-Finals of the Michigan league by topping Group A in the Super 6's
Greater Toledo Whites 238/10 in 40 overs (Devin 4-42, Sujay 2-28) lost to Cleveland 239/6 (Sujay 69, Vignesh 55, Chandu 32)

Cleveland rides on Devin's century to crush Canton CC in first Super Six game in the Michigan League.
Cleveland 239/6 in 40 overs (Devin 166*) beat Canton CC 126/10 in 22 overs (Goldy 4-30, Deepak 3-25)

Cleveland batting lets down again as the team crashes out of Midwest league, lose to COBCA in the Quarterfinals.
COBCA 180/10 in 35 overs (Kuljeet 3-27) beat Cleveland 108/10 in 35 overs (Puru 36)

Cleveland ends the league stages of both tournaments with wins. The Michigan team tops the group after the league stages while the Midwest team ends up in 3rd place behind OSU and Columbus CC in Group A.
Cuyahoga 149/10 in 31.5 overs (Devendra 3-14, Lokesh 3-34) lost to Cleveland 150/6 in 32 overs (Jay 37, Chirag 30*, Lokesh 38*) Mand of the match: Lokesh
Grand Rapids 131/10 in 40 overs (Vignesh 4-21, Chirag 2-30) lost to Cleveland 132/5 in 15 overs (Anand 81)
Cleveland loses to OSU in a fight for the top spot in Group A of the Midwest League. Bye weekend for the Michigan league.
OSU 154/10 in 31 overs (Chandu 3-27) beat Cleveland 145/10 in 33.5 overs (Sai 21) 
The famed Cleveland bowling destroys ECC in the Midwest league while the team loses its first game in the Michigan league.
ECC 75/10 in 30.4 overs (Hiren 3-14, Krupen and Kuljit 2 wickets each, Lokesh 7-2-7-1) lost to Cleveland 76/2 in 17.1 overs (Sai 27, Puru 21*). Man of the match: Hiren.
Cleveland 139/10 in 34.3 overs (Pratik 35, Ani 33, Goldy 29) lost to Oakland University 140/7 in 38.3 overs (Ani and Deepak 2 wickets each).
Cleveland makes it 7 in a row in the Michigan league. Easy win over Hashlington in Midwest.
GDCC 139/10 in 34.2 overs (Deepak 2-20, Vignesh 2-19) lost to Cleveland 140/6 in 33.4 overs (Pratik 66*, Ani 39).
Man of the match: Pratik
Cleveland 195/8 in 35 overs (Rajan 43*, Nikunj 41, Sajid 31) beat Hashlington 90/10 in 25 overs (Krupen 3-4 in 4 overs, Rajan 3-13 in 4 overs). Man of the match: Rajan
Cleveland continues its winning ways in the Michigan league but loses a low scoring game in the Midwest.

Cleveland 212 in 40 overs (Gaurav 60 no, Devin 58, Deepak 25) beat Troy Eagles 165/10 in 35.1 overs (Devin 3 wickets, Ani 3 wickets, Deepak 2 wickets). Man of the Match: Gaurav (coming in at 110/6)

Cleveland 105/10 in 33.3 overs (Romy 25, Chirag 23) lost to Polaris CC 106/8 in 31.3 overs (Krupen and Chirag 3 wickets)


FHCC forfeit game against Cleveland in Michigan League. Cleveland continues to stay on top in the league stages.

Huge wins contribute to another successful weekend for the Cleveland Cricket Club


Cleveland find their batting mojo, beat Cincinnati comfortably in Columbus.
Cleveland 218 in 35 overs (Nikunj 50,  Kuljit 35, Sai 30) beat Cincinnati ~160 all out (Puru 4 wickets)


Records tumble in heaps as Cleveland demolishes Michigan CC in Detroit.
Cleveland 352/5 in 40 overs (Vignesh 152*, Anand Patel 113) beat Michigan 76/10 in 15.1 overs (Chirag Patel 7-18). Man of the match: Chirag

Game Highlights:

MichCA Records:
1. Highest ever team total in MichCA
2. Highest ever partnership of 239 runs for any wicket
3. Best bowling figures ever in MichCA
4. Highest margin of victory ever at 275 runs
Cleveland Cricket Club Records:
1. Highest team total ever beating previous best of 339/5 by Team 1 in 2007 season
2. Best bowling figures in our club's history
Second consecutive winning weekend as Cleveland wins close games in the Michigan and Midwest Leagues.
Cleveland bowlers shine -- once again -- in a rain hit, low scoring affair against Krushers in the Midwest League on Saturday.
Cleveland 66/10 beat Krushers 61/10
Captain Ani Khandekar puts on a batting clinic, scoring an unbeaten 77, to see Cleveland through against Canton Royals in the Michigan League
Canton Royals 164/10 (Chirag 4-20) in 40 overs lost to Cleveland 165/8 (Ani 77*, Gaurav 23) in 38.1 overs
Succesful weeked for Cleveland as the team beats defending Midwest Champions Columbus Cricket Club in their second game of the 2009 Midwest League and crushes Motown CC by 144 runs in the Michigan League

(Check out some action shots from the Midwest game in our newly created Pictures page under the About Us section on your left)

Columbus CC 92/10 (Manoj Pandey 4 Wickets) lost to Cleveland CC 93/5
Man of the Match: Manoj Pandey
Cleveland CC 255/8 in 40 overs (Goldy 73, Sujay 51, Chandu33) beat Motown CC 111/10 (Vignesh 4-22, Sujay 2-11, Anand 2-27)
Man of the Match: Goldy
Contrasting opening weekend as Cleveland win their first game in the Michigan league but lose to Nationwide in the Midwest League.
Greater Toledo Whites 162/10 in 39 overs (Chandu 4-31, Deepak 3-37) lost to Cleveland 163/8 in 37.4 overs (Ani 34, Pratik 29)
Nationwide 203/9 in 35 overs (Devendra 4-20, Subhayu 2-7) beat Cleveland 93/10 in 20 overs (Navdeep 26, Kuljit 19)
Midwest and Michigan leagues begin this weekend. Check out the team schedule for both leagues and tune in regularly for updates and results.
Cleveland loses in UCC play-off's.
The team topped group A after winning back to back games against Googly and Akron but could not continue their success in the play-off's.