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Cleveland County Democratic Party organization: volunteers all

As described in How we work, key parts of our local party structure are:
  • Precinct organizations and their elected officers and elected delegates to county convention  (our members and foundation) 

  • Cleveland County Democratic Convention (our members acting collectively to elect officers of the party, as well as to elect delegates representing them to district and state conventions)

  • Cleveland County Executive Committee (the entity that acts on behalf of party members in between annual conventions on matters needing action). This committee is chaired by the party chair elected at county convention.

  • Party officers elected at county convention (each carries out defined responsibilities required for Democratic county parties, such as chair, various vice chairs, secretary and treasurer.
Organized precinct groups send delegates to the county convention that elects our officers and representatives to district and state party organizations. Precinct chairs and vice chairs make up our Executive Committee along with some others serving by virtue of position such as our officers and Democratic elected officials.

2018-2019 Officers                                 
Nicholas C. Carpenter, chair,  Shelby South precinct
Joyce M. Coleman , first vice chair, Shanghai precinct
T. Todd Hagans, second vice chai,  Kings Mountain South recinct
Carlos Paramo,, third vice chai,  Casar precinct
Kaylynn Beaver, secretar,  Shelby Central precinct
Dr. Jerry Blake,  treasurer, Shanghai precinct

2017-2019 CCDP Executive Committee
Party officers, above
Precinct chairs and vice chairs of organized precincts, as follows:
 Bobby Littlejohn, chair, Bethware
 Charles H. Crocker, vice chair, Bethware
 Teresa Gail Peace, chair, Broad River
Vice chair, Broad River (currently vacant)
 Steve Padgett, chair, Casar
 Marline Walker, vice chair, Casar
 Betsy Wells, chair, Grover
 Dean Westmoreland, vice chair, Grover
 Gwen Ramseur, chair, Kingstown
 David L. Lattimore, vice chair, Kingstown
 Ina Hager, chair, Kings Mountain North
 Mark Donald Campbell, vice chair, Kings Mountain North
 John Still, chair, Kings Mountain South
 Valerie Boyd, vice chair, Kings Mountain South
 Jeremiah Appleman, chair, Lattimore
Penny Corn, vice chair, Lattimore                  
 Steve McMurry, chair, Lawndale
 Jerianne Queen, vice chair, Lawndale
 Robin Brackett, chair, Mulls
  Margaret Morrison vice chair, Mulls
 Ernestine Bishop, chair, Oak Grove
Pat Poston, vice chair, Oak Grove
 Pam Norman, chair, Polkville
 Dan Boggs Jr., vice chair, Polkville
 Joyce Sheaffer, chair, Rippy
 Andy Dedmon, vice chair, Rippy
 Jerry Blake, chair, Shanghai
 Elizabeth Ross, vice chair, Shanghai
 John Bridges, chair, Shelby 4
 Robert E. Devoe, vice chair, Shelby 4
 Denise McKinney, chair, Shelby 5
 Reggie Pruitt, vice chair, Shelby 5
 B. J. Zamora, , chair, Shelby Central
 Bruce Hendee, vice chair, Shelby Central
 Nick Carpenter, chair, Shelby South
 Leatha Lockhart, vice chair, Shelby South

Also members of Executive Committee:

Presidents of local chapters of affiliated organizations (such as Democratic Women of Cleveland County)
County members of State Democratic Executive Committee
All Democratic elected officials living in the county

 CCDP Officers 2018

2017-2019 Cleveland County Members
N. C. State Democratic Executive Committee

Nick Carpenter, CCDP chair, Shelby South precinct
Joyce Coleman, CCDP first vice chair, Shanghai
Steve Padgett, Casar
Todd Hagans, Kings Mountain South
Jerianne Queen, Lawndale 


 We're all volunteers: join us!

The formal organization of our local party--officers, committees, etc.--is made up entirely of registered Democrats volunteering their time and efforts, typically elected by peers at precinct meetings and conventions. They receive no pay, and no financial commitment is required of them.

If you're interested in taking part in an existing Dem precinct organization, or helping form one in an unorganized precinct, contact us.

In addition to serving in the formal party organization, interested Dems are always welcome and needed to help as volunteers for specific activities such as getting out the vote and manning events. So also contact us to add your name to the voluntter list we can call on. 

 The Cleveland County Sheriff's Department Color Guard presents the flags in opening ceremonies at a Cleveland County Democratic Convention.


Want to know more about Cleveland County's voting precincts and districts, as well as Voter Tabulation Districts? You'll find a summary here, along with maps.